EUROSIS Publications and Journals update

Dear Colleague,

as promised here is an update on EUROSIS publications.

1) Scopus and Engineering Village index:
All 2014 publications from April onwards will
be sent to SCOPUS for indexation in the coming weeks.
and NASTEC proceedings from 2005 onwards shortly.

2) ISI Index:
As confirmed by ISI on the 20th of November they are now
catching up with the EUROSIS proceedings indexation and
have started to index ESM2011-ESM2012 and ESM2013.

3) IET, ISI and Belgian Royal library
All 2014 proceedings will be mailed to IET, ISI and
the Belgian Royal Library in January 2015.

4) Indexation will start with other online services in 2015.

5) EUROSIS extended papers journal publication
a) Selected extended papers from our 2011 - June 2013 conferences will appear
in the forthcoming issue of International Journal of Computer Aided Engineering
and Technology. They are as follows:

Simulation Modelling in Engineering Systems: Techniques and Applications


Applying BCMP MultiClass Queuing Networks For The Performance Evaluation Of
Hierarchical And Modular Software Systems
Balsamo, Rossi & Marin

Harnessing Aspect Oriented Programming on GPU: Application to Warp Level
Parallelism (WLP)
Passerat Palmbach, Caux, Schweitzer, Siregar, Mazel & Hill

Avoiding Redundancies in the Proxel Method
Buchholz, Krull & Horton

Modelling and Simulation of Several Interacting Cellular Automata
Pla Castells, García Fernández & Martínez Durá

Implicit And Explicit Techniques For Localized Incremental Forging Processes Analysis
By Computer Aided Engineering
Camacho, Marín, Bernal & Sebastián

Forklift Free Factory: A Simulation Model To Evaluate Different Transportation
Systems In The Automotive Industry
Bauters, Govaert, Limère & Van Landeghem

Utilisation Of Computer Simulation For Testing Additional Support For Dispatching
Rail Traffic
Fikejz & Kavička

An Exact Algorithm For The Full Truckload PickUp And Delivery Problem With Time
Windows: Concept And Implementation Details
Janssens & Braekers

Equipment's Role On The Drying Process Of Chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) Fruits
Lamas, Ramalhosa, Morais

Risk Of Salmonellosis From The Consumption Of Irish Fresh Pork Sausages
Gonzales Barron & Butler

b) Extended papers from October 2013 to October 2014 will now be sent to the editors
for our next issue. Authors will be contacted directly by Professor Peter Lawrence

c) Cambridge Scholars Publishing
The book for Cambridge Scholars Publishing is a still an ongoing project. Professor Gerrit
Janssens is now working on the indexing of the keywords.

d) All EUROSIS publications from 2003 to 2012 are now available from Amazon. The 2013
books will be available from Amazon from January 2015 onwards.


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