NASTEC'2010, August 25-27, 2010, Digipen Institute of Technology, Redmond, USA, Conference Aim


The 3nd annual North American Simulation Technology Conference (NASTEC) aims at bridging the information gap in research and improving scientific exchanges between Europe and North-America. For this reason EUROSIS has set up the NASTEC conference, which aims to provide an insight into the latest hot research topics in the field of modeling and simulation. As such every year has another main theme, in order to address the latest developments in the field.

The intent of the NASTEC'2010 event is to nurture the spirit of cooperation and strive to improve the quality of life in this global village through excellence in Hybrid Soft Computing Research and Education by Engineering of Next-Generation Intelligent Hybrid Soft Computing Systems for Modeling, Simulation, Software Engineering and Web Computing at the service of humankind. According to Professor Lotfi A. Zadeh (University of California, Berkley, USA) "It may be argued that is Soft Computing rather than Hard-Computing that should be viewed as the foundation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)"

NASTEC'2010 will give European and North-American researchers and practitioners the opportunity to gather, network, present and discuss their work, foster links, enhance existing working and friendly relations and establish new ones. The event will take place in Redmond (Digipen Institute of Technlogy) on August 25, 26 and 27. NASTEC'2010 aimed to give scientists and practitioners from academic, government and industrial institutions the opportunity to learn about this new area of Soft Computing and discuss the existing and potential Synergies and Applications of Soft Computing Technologies in connection with Modeling, Simulation, Software Engineering and Web Computing. This will definitely promote and boost collaboration with research labs and hi-tech industries active in the field of Soft Computing both in Europe and North-America.

All submissions are reviewed by the programme committee and will be original research never before published. The core of the conference is the paper presentations where people will have the opportunity to present their research to others from around the world.

For NASTEC'2010:
Selected papers on Soft Computing and AI are published in the Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics, as extended articles in the Special Issue on Simulation and Web Centric Computing at the Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence , in a special issue of Soft Computing and Simulation of IJCSI, in SERC: the International journal of Software Engineering and its Applications and in the International Journal of Soft Computing and its Applications.

You can download the NASTEC'2010 Call for Papers here in Text format and here in PDF format. Not yet linked.
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