GAMEON-NA 2010, August 25-27, 2010, Digipen Institute of Technology, Redmond, USA, Conference Keynote

Keynote Speaker

Andrew Glassner
726 North 47th Street
Seattle, WA 98103
phone:(206) 632-7663
fax:(206) 632-7665


to be announced later


Dr. Andrew Glassner is a writer-director, and a consultant in story structure, interactive fiction, and computer graphics. He started working in 3D computer graphics in 1978, and has carried out research at the NYIT Computer Graphics Lab, Case Western Reserve University, the IBM TJ Watson Research Lab, the Delft University of Technology, Bell Communications Research, Xerox PARC, and Microsoft Research. The New York Times wrote, "Andrew Glassner [is one] of the most respected talents in the world of computer graphics research." (12/11/95).

He is a well-known researcher in computer graphics and rendering techniques, a book author with many publications on technical subjects and fiction/non-fiction stories, a director of live-action and animated short movies in media from traditional film to online, a game designer and developer of many video games in different genre and platforms, an active artist in jazz piano, calligraphy, celtic knotwork, drawing and painting, an invited keynote speaker at many conferences and other events all over the world.Instead of listing all his accomplishments in diversified fields, which can be exhausting, See his website at Andrew Glassner for the full scope of his work.