SIMEX'2013, September 18-20, 2013, The Hotel, Brussels, Belgium, Themes

Conference Themes

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Comparative Overview

With the number of simulation tools on the market it is sometimes difficult first of all to know which tools are available and secondly to compare their strengths and weaknesses so you can acquire the right tool for the job. Therefore this track will concentrate on overviews of tools presently being used and comparing different tools in different applications and giving novice and non-users an insight in the direction they need to go when acquiring a simulation tool to solve their scientific or engineering problems.

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Tools in development

Some tools, especially at universities are still in development and may or may not result in commercial tools at a later date. This track is dedicated to inform the simulation community of their existence and/or progress and to share new ideas in simulation tool development.

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Tools created at university or research institutes

As more and more universities are creating tools for their own use and indirectly business use, this track showcases those tools, be they dedicated to solve specific problems or multi-facetted ones. All university tools presented in this track should be fully documented and supported.

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Commercial tools

This track looks at the commercial tools now available on the market. These can be either topic specific or multi-facetted. These top of the range modelling tools can solve a myriad of simulation problems in the most varied of sectors. Presentations here are aimed at covering some or all of these.

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Open Source Tools

With the advent of new powerful simulations scripting languages and the ubiquitous nature of the web, open source simulation tools have become a new force in simulation applications, opening the way for financial less-powerful organizations to harness the strength of these programs for their own simulation purposes. This track looks at the possibilities of using open source tools to solve modelling problems.

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Cloud Based Tools

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