27th European Simulation and Modelling Conference - ESM'2013, October 23-25, 2013, Lancaster University, UK, Tutorials

Conference Tutorials

Decision Support using Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) and Agent-Based Simulation

Dr Stephan Onggo (Management School, Lancaster University, UK)
Dr Peer-Olaf Siebers (School of Computer Science, Nottingham University, UK)


Agent-based simulation has become more and more popular due to the availability of high quality micro-data, increases in computing power, the advancement of analytical behaviour modelling and the availability of better model development tool. It provides an alternative tool for decision support and has been applied to various fields including traffic and transportation, healthcare, logistics and supply chain, military operations and many more.
This tutorial explains what agent-based simulation is and how to apply it correctly to support decision making processes. We introduce BPMN (a standard for business modelling) and how to use it as a communication tool between the business users, business analysts, and model developers. During the tutorial students will take on the role of business analysts and model developers and gain some hands-on experience with conceptual modelling as well as with the implementation of the conceptual model (using the multi-paradigm simulation software AnyLogic)


Participants are required to bring their own laptop and install the free trial version of AnyLogic (can be downloaded from http://www.anylogic.com/). Please note that the trial version expires after 15 days so it would be wise not to install it too early on your machine.
The duration of the tutorial is 150 minutes and split into two sessions.


The slides are now available from this link.