MESM'2014, Middle Eastern Simulation and Modelling Conference, February 3-5, 2014, AOU, Muscat, Oman, Conference Workshops


Conference Workshop

How to conduct a simulation study – a hands-on workshop using FlexSim

This workshop is intended for end-users, e.g. from the logistics industry who want to model real-world problems and need to know exactly where to start and what is important to successfully use simulation. It is an inter-active workshop for people to ask questions and share their experience, while we start right from the beginning of a project and work through a case study using the FlexSim simulation software. This one day workshop will mainly focus on the methodology of a simulation study, the modelling and data analysis, rather than too specific software commands. Hence what has been learned can be applied by anyone irrespective of the simulation tool they are using.


  • When to simulate and when NOT to simulate?
  • Defining the problem and system boundaries
  • The business case for simulation
  • Selecting the right software tool
  • Setting of objectives and the overall project plan
  • Building the right project team and communication channels
  • Model building (real world – abstraction - conceptional model, material flow diagrams)
  • Data collection (mathematical modelling, handling randomness & information gaps)
  • Coding (data input, clean, flexible & commented code, hands-on using FlexSim software)
  • Verification (checking the code, bug-fixing techniques)
  • Validation (is the model logically working as it should, sensitivity analysis)
  • Experimental design (defining scenarios, statistical considerations)
  • Simulation runs & data analysis (random influences vs. system performance)
  • Detecting bottlenecks and strategies for optimization (defining additional runs/scenarios depending on obtained results, cooperative approach including other experts)
  • The final project report (structure) and visual presentation (3D video generation)
  • Correct filing and documentation for future use & reference
  • Implementing proposed solution and measure performance improvement

Katharina Albert, the Managing Director of Kat Logics, is a simulation specialist now based in Dubai. She has conducted various successful simulation studies across the Middle East and Asia, including designing and optimizing passenger and cargo airports, train stations, networks for automated guided vehicles, a multi-storage monorail system, traffic studies for large chemical facilities as well as studies for warehouses, distribution centres and entire supply chains. She has worked with a handful of different simulation tools and knows the similarities and differences of their modelling concepts. Katharina has also worked as a guest lecturer in universities in Germany and Dubai and knows how to break-down complexity in simple and understandable terms. She is a sought-after speaker and panellist at Logistics Conferences as she has an holistic project approach that does not solely focus on technology, but on the required people skills to successfully implement what has been simulated.

Other Workshops

The conference organization is open to suggestions on possible workshops featuring software packages, new hardware or methods used in computer simulation and modelling design and creation.

Workshop organizers are mentioned as thus in the conference proceedings as well as in the preliminary and final programmes. The workshop is also clearly marked in the aforementioned.

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