GAMEON'2014, September 9-11, 2014, University of Lincoln, Lincoln, United Kingdom, Conference Workshops


Conference Workshop

Game Development Methodology -Agent Oriented Agile Based (AOAB) Workshop

Aladdin Ayesh and Rula al-Azawi
De Montfort University
Leicester, United Kingdom

This workshop about introduce new game development methodology and provide a
practical skills in order to ensure of the quality and usability of AOAB methodology
for both academic and industry sectors. A basic knowledge and some experience
with agile and agent oriented software engineering methodology is provide.

This one day training will introduce you to the fundamental principles of Game
Development Methodology and practices of Agent-Oriented Agile Base methodology (AOAB). Attendees will participate in many hands-on activities that will help them practice the theory they learn, compare and evaluate. In this workshop, the attendees will learn the principles and values of AOAB and will explore in detail the AOAB life cycle. During the one day session, the attendees will share his years of experience in Game Development Methodologies.

This workshop is designed for people who are responsible for specifying, acquiring,
developing, evaluating, supporting and/or managing games, for example: Game
Development Team Leaders, Game Development Academic staff , Game Development student, Game Developer, Project Managers of Games in industry area, Expert game development evaluator, Any person interested in the future of game development trends.

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