ISC'2015, 13th Annual Industrial Simulation Conference, June 1-3, 2015, UPV, Valencia, Spain, Conference Keynotes

Keynote Speakers

High Performance Industrial Simulation: European Roadmap, Challenges and Success Stories.

Prof. Dr Oscar Lazaro
Managing Director
Innovalia Association

European leadership and excellence in manufacturing are being significantly threatened by the huge economic crisis that hit the Western countries over the last years. The role of simulation and forecasting technologies (S&FT) as a lever to increase manufacturing performance. The presentation will highlight the output from recent road mapping activities at European levels which have identified the gaps and challenges for industrial simulations. The talk will also introduce recent innovation actions and first results of programmes such as the ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS), started at the EU level to empower European SMEs with the latest cloud-based simulation capabilities that will open new business opportunities and marketplaces for the simulation industry and professionals.

Prof. Dr Oscar Lazaro is Managing Director of Innovalia Association, the Associated Research Lab founded by the Innovalia Alliance, one of the 3 strategic technology groups in the Basque Country. Innovalia, with more than 25 years of experience in technology-based product and service innovation with SMEs, develops ICT-based solutions in the areas of information security, software quality, M2M, simulation and mobile multimedia information services. Innovalia products and services address major telecom operators, broadcasters, transport infrastructure operators and manufacturing industries.

Dr Oscar Lazaro has more than 15 years of experience in the ICT field and is leading research and product development activities of Innovalia for Smart Cities and Factories of the Future domains. Oscar Lazaro is also Visiting Professor at the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department of the University of Strathclyde in the area of wireless & mobile communications. He is since 2013 chairman of the Digital Business Innovation (DBI) Cluster and a permanent representative of Innovalia in EFFRA and Future Internet Steering Board. Innovalia is a key partner in the FITMAN (Future Internet Technologies for Manufacturing Industries) project actively researching on real-time information management systems, mobile visual data analytics and trustful collaboration technologies in the domain of the factories of the future (smart, digital and virtual factories). Innovalia is also leading the I4MS-Gate (ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs) a 77 M EURO initiative designed to help high-tech small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) exploit the potential of ICT technologies(CPS, HPC, cloud, robotics, laser) to help grow their businesses.

Integration of SUMO in an anticipatory vehicle route-planning system

Enrique de la Hoz

One of the key elements of the STIMULO Project for route planning is the utilization of a vehicle traffic simulation system for the computation of data about the scenario where the route and travel plan optimization will be applied. SUMO was chosen to integrate both background traffic patterns as actual routes, as reported from real-time information from different sources. SUMO has allowed us to perform sets of simulations to evaluate different travel plans in order to be able to predict the actual vehicle behaviour, so we can optimize then before and during its execution.