MESM'2008, August 26-28, 2008, Philadelphia University, Amman, Jordan, Conference Aim


The MESM'2008 (International Middle Eastern Multiconference) on Simulation and Modelling is the ninth conference in the MESM series and is organized by De Montfort University and members of the European Simulation Society. One of the major aims of this conference is to bring people from various parts of the Middle East in contact with colleagues working in modeling & simulation from around the world (e.g..Europe, USA, Canada, Far East etc.). The other aim is to establish a local technical society in the Middle East and to integrate these into a wider Network of Simulation Excellence. This conference, is sponsored by De Montfort University (UK), Ghent University, EUROSIS, ETI as well as IEEE UKRI - SPC.

MESM'2008 covers a wide range of simulation subjects in order to capture the general thrust of simulation research at present being done in the Arab World as you can ascertain from the themes page. The site for this year's event is Amman, Jordan.

You can download the MESM'2008 Call for Papers here in Text format and here in PDF format. Not yet linked.

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