June 9-12, 2003 - UPV, Valencia, Spain

Conference Keynote

Conference Keynote

Knowledge Discovery in Databases and Modelling, how do they fit together?
by Danny Van Welden, Dr. MSc, ir.,
Researcher at the University of Ghent, Belgium


The past decades have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of information or data being stored in all kinds of databases, all made possible by the availability of large amounts of computing power and storage at low cost.

In these mountains of data a lot of unexploited information nuggets are buried. Inducing useful and valuable knowledge from that data plays a key role in the competition among companies and in science. Although statistics, query tools and OLAP (On Line Analytical Processing) tools are no strangers anymore to the management they do not contain in essence the potential of KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases)

KDD is a step-wise process that aims at decision support. KDD can not only say what is happening, but also why it is happening. Its life-cycle consists of many steps of which, data mining is one

In this presentation, we will be seeing an overview of KDD and be showing its link to modelling. I believe strongly that this link can be fruitful for both communities and that much can be learnt from each other. Some insights will be briefly touched. I hope that, at the end of the presentation, somehow a more tight collaboration between both communities is initiated.


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