June 9-11, 2003 - UPV, Valencia, Spain

Conference Company Visit



Conference Company Visit


GRES DE NULES-KERABEN is a Company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of floor and wall ceramic tiles. A solid company established in 1975 and located in the Valencia Region, one of the most highly developed industrial areas in Spain and Europe, with a staff of 700 workers.
Our turnover is currently 13,000 million pesetas (78.131 euros) and our accumulated growth over the last five years has been 85%. Since its creation this Group has held a leading position within this industry, basically thanks to the strict application of certain principles which constitute the base of all our activity.

The GRES DE NULES-KERABEN GROUP has one of the most modern factories in the industry. Located in Nules (Castellón), one of the areas with the longest standing ceramic tradition in the worid, it has 250,000 m2 of facilities equipped with cutting-edge techoology. In order lo revamp production, increase the competitiveness of its products and reduce energy consumption, during the last four years the Group has invested over 10,000 million pesetas (60.000 euros) in its constant efforts to update its manufacturing facilities 

The visit will be on Tuesday the 10th of June.


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