GAMEON ASIA 2012, February 24-26, 2012, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan, Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speaker

Mr. Youichiro Miyake
Lead AI Researcher
Advanced Technology Division,
On 25 February 2012

The Future of Game, AI, and Computer Graphics

"Game" including digital game, board game, ARG and Gamification has changed, evolved and mixed into real-world in these ten years. "Game" would be more interactive to users and adaptive to users’ everyday life, using much information of user’s life, body, and activity in real-world.

Corresponding to the revolution, AI has had more important and various roles. In these 30 years, the most important role of AI is to give high intelligence to character and game system. It makes digital game more deep and sophisticated experience for users. But now beyond these possibilities, to the next-generation, AI has much more chance to evolve the core of digital game by playing various roles in more ubiquitous and extended multi-scale digital world on PCs, mobile phones and various game platforms.

Computer Graphics changed everything visible in digital game in these ten years, but in next ten years, AI will change everything non-visible in digital game.

In this keynote, I introduce some main topics of AI in game industry, and propose several important AI problems of next-generation game for both academic researchers and game developers. These problems would make researchers and developers communicate and collaborate with each other.

Youichiro Miyake has been developing and researching AI in digital game. While he developed technical design of AI for some game titles: CHROME HOUNDS (2006, Xbox360), Demons' Souls (2009, PlayStation3), Armored Core V (2012, will be released on Xbox360, PlayStation3) in the game developer: FROM SOFTWARE, he published some papers and books about AI technology for digital game. Now he is working as leader of AI unit for next-generation game engine, Luminous Studio in SQUARE ENIX.