GAMEON-NA 2007, September 10-12, 2007, University of Florida, Gainesville, USA, Social Programme

On Monday the 10th of September there will be a visit to the Digital Worlds Institute - REVE where the company Organic Motion will demonstrate their MoCap System.

On Wednesday there will be a visit to Artificial Studios. The tour will include, a tour of the office to all who'd like to see it, and a demonstration of the company's various products (which include "Reality Engine", "CellFactor", "Monster Madness", and something new by September).

Artificial Studios, Inc.

825 NW 23rd Ave.
Bldng 111, Suite C
Gainesville, FL, 32606
Phone: 352-256-9139
Fax: 727.499.6846

Have a look at some of the projects at Artificial Studios
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in Quicktime format (156 MB)