April 11-13, 2005 - IRIT, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

Conference Aim








Conference Aim

The 2005 EUROMEDIA is the 11th annual media conference, which brings together four individual conferences (WEBTEC, MEDIATEC, AUDIOTEC and COMTEC) culminating in two applications conferences (APTEC-ETEC). EUROMEDIA is a scientific event, and focuses on the exchange of new technology methods, tools, and applications in the wide field of multimedia Information and Communications Technology (ICT). A scientific event means that rather than just showing new tools and ideas, the focus is on scientific presentations, based on refereed papers with adequate underlying theory and if possible empirical testing of results. The fields covered at this conference include Web technology, multimedia, telecommunications, mobile computing, broadband networking, distributed computing, telematics and e-commerce. Furthermore this year EUROMEDIA will feature also a special "Semantic Web Applications" workshop, plus the first EUROSIS TC Meeting of the Multimedia TC's.

The EUROMEDIA'2005 conference is held concurrently with the ECEC'2005 conference. The final programme can now be downloaded in pdf or zipped format.

Philippe Geril

Ghent University

EUROSIS Coordinator



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