April 5-9, 2020, University of Leuven/Campus Ghent, Ghent, Belgium


COVID-19 notice for FOODSIM'2020 - Conference postponed to September 6-10, 2020
Online Participation Registration Fees will be posted today or tomorrow

See COVID-19 Updates for Belgium

As a communication by EUROSIS and the local organisers of the FOODSIM'2020 conference, we want to provide updated information about the status of conference and its arrangements. There are no government or health officials' orders or guidelines that affect FOODSIM'2020 at the moment, but the situation is rapidly changing. The conference preparations are proceeding as planned, and there is very good interest and registration activity particularly now that the FOODSIM'2020 conference is approaching. However, we are closely monitoring the changing situation and making plans for multiple potential future scenarios- more on this shortly.

The main guidance towards the conference participants is twofold: 1) Since flight costs are a major item for many, we suggest considering flexible or cancellable flight tickets, to be prepared for any travel restrictions. 2) Since some conference participants are already affected by travel restrictions, the local organisers are looking into ways of making it possible for registered participants to present their paper, get audience comments, and participate in some ("remote track") conference program with the help of online tools. If you know this is an option that you would need to utilize, please send email to organisers at:

Also, note that the hotels are fast running out in Ghent in April, so please book early (more info at: Please note also that in case of needing to cancel accommodation bookings, you need to be directly in contact with the hotel, hostel, Airbnb or such, making also note about the cancellation policy of such accommodation.

Finally, we want to both express our sympathy and solidarity towards everyone affected about the epidemic, and emphasise that following the guidance on any health concerns is something that EUROSIS and local organisers take very seriously. That said, we also recognize the importance and value of association's main international conference for the scifi sciences and food sciences studies community, and want to provide the best possible venue for publishing and discussing food science research. We are also grateful for everyone who has dedicated countless hours of their time and energy in conducting a high-quality review of the submissions in the conferences.


We invite you to participate in the 11th biennial FOODSIM2020, which will be held from April 5-9, 2020, in Ghent, Belgium at the University of Leuven/Campus Ghent.

FOODSIM'2020 will bring together researchers, food experts, and industrial users to present state-of-art research, new research results, and to exchange ideas and experiences in the modeling and simulation tools used for food processing, quality, safety and sustainability. The general conference theme is "Sustainable Food Production in a time of Climate Change".

Proposed Tracks:

  • Modeling and Simulation in Sustainable Food Systems Engineering
  • Modeling and Simulation in Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Modeling and Simulation in Food Safety and Spoilage
  • Modeling and Simulation in Innovative Food Production and Processing Technologies
  • Modeling and Simulation in Precision Agriculture and Robotics
  • Modeling and Simulation in Food Chains
  • Modeling and Simulation in Life Cycle Assessment
  • Modeling and Simulation in Climate Change and Environmental Impact
  • Modeling and Simulation in Food Business and Economics
  • Modeling and Simulation in Food Process Systems Engineering
  • Multi-scale Modeling Methods
  • Multi-objective Optimization Methods
  • Advanced Software Tools

Videos of 48 FOODSIM'2020 presentations are now available here.

You can download the FOODSIM'2020 Call for Papers here in Text format and here in PDF format. NOT YET LINKED

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