Workshops can be proposed which fall within the scope of the conference.

Workshop proposals should be emailed to, by indicating the type of workshop you would like to organize, before January 15, 2018. When preparing a workshop submission, please consider the link to the event and the specific nature of your proposal. A confirmation email will be sent to verify that the proposal was received.

See accepted workshops below

HORIZON2020 Workshop

This workshop is an open workshop where ISC'2018 participants can give updates on their HORIZON2020 projects, exchange ideas with other participants and seek out new partners

 Submit your proposal for the HORIZON2020 Workshop here

Simulation in Automotive Systems

Automotive simulation of Car Design, car behaviour, vehicle driver interaction, collision tests, on board diagnostics, vision enhancement and collision warning systems, vehicle dynamics and simulation, off-road vehicle design and modelling, engineering propulsion controls simulation, power train and fluid systems simulation, hydrogen and electric engine simulation, homogeneous charge compression ignition, emissions control, brake simulation, MISRA standard Compliance.

With a special interest on Race Car Simulation looking at Aerodynamics simulation, Atmosphere simulation, Lift-Drag Simulation, Wind Tunnel Simulation, Flow Visualization, Computational Fluid Dynamics

 Submit your proposal for the Automotive Workshop here