Street Violence and Social Conflicts


By using simulation platforms (eg. ProtestLab) we may reproduce street protests with some degree of complexity. However, the question about how to validate the empirical agent-based model is still pertinent on account the availability of good validation data (interviews, surveys, video films) is advisable.
Along my talk, I shall try to discuss what is relevant to include in spatially-realistic models, in order to calibrate the agents' behaviors (emotional and social attributes). A good direction is to reframe the purpose of the experimental empirical research to gain more insight into the kind of laboratory inquest (variables, recourse to 3D, and use of time).

Curriculum Vitae

Emeritus professor University of Lisbon and Faculty of Sciences. EurAI/ECCAI Fellow. Member of the Portuguese Engineering Academy. Coordinator of the Advisory Council of the Mind-Brain College of ULisbon (PhD Courses of Complexity Science and Cognitive Science).

Professor Emeritus Helder Coelho
Universidade de Lisboa
Departamento de Informática
Cidade Universitária
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