Workshops can be proposed which fall within the scope of the conference.

Workshop proposals should be emailed to, by indicating the type of workshop you would like to organize, before December 15, 2019. When preparing a workshop submission, please consider the link to the event and the specific nature of your proposal. A confirmation email will be sent to verify that the proposal was received.

See accepted workshops below

HORIZON2020 Workshop

This workshop is an open workshop where ISC'2020 participants can give updates on their HORIZON2020 projects, exchange ideas with other participants and seek out new partners

 Submit your proposal for the HORIZON2020 Workshop here

VR/AR Simulations in Education

The synergy of education and technology can transform the world we live in. A virtual/augmented experience is usually achieved by feeding sensory information to a user via virtual displays (head mounted displays, 360 screen displays, etc.), and sounds. Along with this, it is also important for the user to provide an interaction to the virtual world. An important part of any VR/AR project is the level of detail and immersion that the user can experience. In previous generations of VR/AR technology, the visual experience from the virtual world was limited due to hardware limitations and it was very difficult to simulate the world realistically. With the advances in computer graphics technology available today, we have access to technology that can easily simulate things in the real world. This workshop will complement the target of the ISC'2020 conference by bringing together academic and industry researchers from the area of building simulation and VR/AR tools for industrial and educational/training purposes.

 Submit your proposal for the VR/AR Simulations in Education Workshop here