June 9-11, 2005 - IPK Fraunhofer Institute, Berlin, Germany

Conference Tutorials



Conference Tutorials

Tutorials are 2 to 4 hour introductory, specific or application courses open to all participants of the conference at no extra charge. Non-conference participants can also participate at a set price, which will be posted on the final registration form.

Tutorials can be proposed in the following three categories:

    T1- Introductory Tutorials 

    T2- State of the Art Tutorials

    T3- Software and Modelware Tutorials

Tutorial proposals should be emailed to


The following two tutorials are proposed:

Critical Systems Modelling with UML and Model-based Simulation
Jan Jurjens, Software and Systems Engineering, TU Munich, Germany


Traffic on the Internet: Components and Source Profiles, Variability on Network Platforms, Impact on Service Quality
Gerhard Hasslinger. Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems, Darmstadt, Germany














































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