Workshop on Simulation in Cybersecurity

  • Machine Learning for Cybersecurity
  • Blockchain Applications
  • Maritime Cyber SA
  • National Directives and Policy
  • National Cyber Fusion Centres
  • Cyber Foresight and Risk Management
  • Cyber Threat, Intel Sharing and ROI
  • Adversarial Cyber Defence
  • Human Factors and Cognition
  • Crypto Systems and Cloud
  • Visual Analytics and CyberOps
  • Cyber Insurance and Risk Controls
  • Cyber Security and DevOps
  • Data Science and Social Analytics

Other Workshops can be proposed which fall within the scope of the conference.

Workshop proposals should be emailed to, by indicating the type of workshop you would like to organize, before April 30, 2019. When preparing a workshop submission, please consider the link to the event and the specific nature of your proposal. A confirmation email will be sent to verify that the proposal was received.