Workshops and Special Tracks

Workshops can be proposed which fall within the scope of the conference.

Workshop/track proposals should be emailed to, by indicating the type of workshop you would like to organize, before May 30, 2023. When preparing a workshop submission, please consider the link to the event and the specific nature of your proposal. A confirmation email will be sent to verify that the proposal was received.

Cybersecurity & Digital Transformation: Urgent Need for Sustainable Development

List of Topics:

  • Sustainable cybersecurity practices for digital transformation
  • Cybersecurity impact on sustainable development
  • The role of people in sustainable cybersecurity
  • Emerging tech for sustainable cybersecurity practices
  • Cybersecurity policy & regulation for sustainability
  • Assessing cybersecurity risks for sustainability
  • Building resilience against cyberattacks
  • Sustainable cloud security practices
  • Future trends in cybersecurity & digital transformation
  • Sustainable strategies for protecting critical infrastructure

Dr Mohamed Elhoseny
MESM'2023 Track Chair Cybersecurity & Digital Transformation
University of Sharjah, Sharjah