GAMES projects from EUROSIS: Calls for Partners

Dear Colleague,

as promised here is the overview of games projects supported
by and in cooperation with EUROSIS. For all of these you can
contact me ( or the contact person
for each project.


PROJECT between EUROSIS and Momentum A.S.and partners

CSA-Project: REGPOT-2007-1
Unlocking and developing the research potential in the EU's
convergence regions and outermost regions

The "Coordination and Support Action (CSA)" project proposal within
FP7 with the objective of improving our company's research potential
in the area of technology enhanced learning with an emphasis on
game based learning, mobile learning, and digital TV learning. This
project will also fund two-way researcher exchanges in order to
develop strategic and durable partnerships with other well established research groups elsewhere in the European Union who are also working in the areas related to technology-enhanced learning.

As EUROSIS is a partner all questions of sub-contracting to be involved in this project have to be mailed to me:

Projects supported by EUROSIS

DAE : Digital Arts & Entertainment

Our curriculum focuses on ‘teaching how to make interactive 3D environments.In our curriculum we try to focus on the ‘real’ productflow. We have 5 pillars in our curriculum:
1) Art skills: concept art, storytelling, storyboarding, video production
2) 3D Arts: from solid shape modeling to character modeling and animation to FX
3) Programming: interactive 3D programming in C++ using OpenGL and DirectX
4) Game Science: Math, physics, psychology, graphics and sound programming
5) Integration: project based modules where we use ‘engines’ (Unreal, Source,…) or platforms (XNA,…) to learn the students how to work in team against a deadline on a project that requires both technical and artistic input.

It’s a 6 semesters curriculum. The final semester(18 weeks)is internship.
We are continuously looking out for partnerships, both international and national.
What kind of partnerships are we looking for :

1) work on projects together or write projects together in the field of game development,
digital simulation, 3D animation,…
2) teacher exchange
3) student internships
4) guest speakers on specific topics in the curriculum,especially more specialized topics on game development/simulation and 3D animation

For Further information please contact:
Rik Leenknegt
Hogeschool West Vlaanderen
Graaf Karel de Goedelaan 5
B-8550 Kortrijk, Belgium
Tel: +
Fax: +


Small or medium-scale focused research project (STREP) proposal
ICT Call 1 - FP7-ICT-2007-1
Virtual Academic Learning Environment and Community

A copy in .doc format of the Extended Proposal is posted on:

For further information please contact:
Dr.Leon Rothkrantz
Delft University of Technology
Data Knowledge Systems Group
Fac.of Electr. Eng, Maths.And Comp.Sci.
Mekelweg 4
2628 CD Delft
The Netherlands
Tel: +
Fax: +

Panel Members Sought for the Kingston University Games Technology Group

Kingston University, London is introducing new Games Technology degrees with versions focusing on graphics/media, mathematics and computer science. The degrees are based on content from the skillset organisation. ( ).
An industrial advisory panel is being created, and we’re looking for new panel members who would be prepared to come to the university to discuss the course (in return for a free lunch…) and/or discuss the course via email. They may also wish to get involved in industrial placements where the student works in industry at the end of their second year, or to be clients for final year student projects, or help us get access to proprietary games developer kits. I’m also looking for people who might be able to give talks about the games/digital media industry to the students. If the speaker is remote, they could even give a talk over Second Life…

Dr. Darrel Greenhill
Senior Lecturer
Games Technology Field Leader
Kingston University
Tel: +44 20 8547 2000 X62675


p.s. GAMEON 2007 CFP will follow shortly
p.s. 2 GAMEON-NA 2007 updates will be sent out next week
p.s. 3 ESM2007 submission dates coming up!

Philippe Geril Tel: +
Ghent University E-mail:
Dept.of Industrial Mgmt. E-mail:
Technologiepark 903 URL:
Campus Ardoyen
B-9052 Ghent-Zwijnaarde
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