Prevent E-mails from Being Marked "SPAM" or "JUNK"

Spam or Junk

With unsolicited and unwanted emails becoming a larger problem, email services have made their spam filters more stringent. Unfortunately, these tougher guidelines for filtering can cause legitimate emails to be mistaken as spam. As we only announce events through mailings and to make sure you continue receiving our mailings, we suggest that you follow the instructions we have provided and add us to your whitelist. A whitelist is a list of email addresses that you want to receive emails from. Adding an address to your whitelist ensures that emails from EUROSIS will not be filtered as spam.(please add us to your contact list, adjust your spam settings, or follow the instructions from your e-mail provider on how to prevent our e-mails from being marked "Spam" or "Junk Mail.") or follow the more detailed instructions in the linked file. (not yet linked)

Update your email and address info

We also always appreciate that when you move locations or change jobs you inform us of your new contact details, so we can keep you automatically updated.


We also appreciate receiving replies on personal emails even if your reply is negative. Binning emails is not really done.