FOODSIM'2010, June 24-26, 2010, CIMO Research Centre, Braganca, Portugal, Conference Aim


We invite you to participate in the 6th biannual FOODSIM2010, which will be held in Bragança, Portugal, on 24-26 June 2010, organized by the CIMO Research Centre. FOODSIM’2010 will bring together researchers, food experts, and industrial users to present the state-of-art, new research results, and to exchange ideas and experiences
in the modeling and simulation tools for food processing, quality, safety and sustainability. The conference will be entitled as “Simulation applied to food processes, quality, safety, and sustainability”, and specific sessions concerning mathematical modelling and simulation of food processing, quality, safety and sustainability will be organized.

Also, special sessions will be organized in order to discuss: Simulation in Food Engineering and Processing, Simulation in Food Sciences and Biotechnology, Methods and tools applied to Food and Bio-industries, Methods and tools applied to Food Quality and Safety Evaluation, Simulation in Functional Foods,
Simulation in Food Production Management, Economics and Traceability, Sustainable Food Production, Innovation in Traditional Food Products.

In addition, participants are encouraged to participate in a COST action proposal, and to define a framework group to establish a network to develop EU FP7 research projects.

You can download the invitation by the General Conference Chair Vasco Cadavez here. ( 0.7MB)

You can download the FOODSIM'2010 Call for Papers here in Text format and here in PDF format. Not yet linked.

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