MESM'2011, Middle Eastern Simulation and Modelling Conference, November 14-16, 2011, AOU, Amman, Jordan, Conference Workshops


Conference Workshop

The conference organization is open to suggestions on possible workshops featuring software packages, new hardware or methods used in computer simulation and modelling design and creation.

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TIE - Territorial Intelligence Engineering

One of the major challenges for the countries of the 21th century, is to increase their territorial management and their associated economy in the current context of new technologies. Multi-scale decision making are today needed to improve the management of these countries developments within international trade and the associated international networks. The economical issues are to be able to develop sustainable territorial equipments for the various networks on which their development are based, like communications networks or transportation networks.

Information and Communication Technologies are today able to deal with efficient multi-scale decision support systems. These technological tools have to integrate the complexity of the systems involved in the three main categories: economical, social and environmental ones. They have to be able to model and simulate the major fluxes dealing with such developments: good fluxes but also economical fluxes and informational fluxes. Complex geopolitical management of our current world needs such numerical and intelligent assistance.

Territorial intelligence in the scientific context of complex system modeling needs to be involved and to propose adaptive processes in order to manage the complex networks of the economical development. Territorial intelligence has its roots in new technologies which provide tools to extract information from the real world (like sensor networks) and in real time processes. New technologies concern also distributed computer networks modeling such complex systems in order to better understand the multi-scale interactions as well as the multi-objective decision. For example, for a territory, integrating several scales of organization (regions, cities, cultural or commercial centers), all of them being intensively connected, the planning issues is to optimize the goods fluxes and associated informational fluxes, in order to produce a stable and sustainable development.

Topics of interest

Topics of interest to this workshop include but are not limited to:

  • Dynamical graph and networks and associated topological infrastructures;
  • Dynamical transitions and dynamical systems;
  • Control of decentralized complex systems;
  • Land-use and urban management systems based on ICT;
  • Intelligent processing for land-use and urban decision making;
  • Business Intelligence
  • Multi-scale modeling of complex systems for social systems;
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) development and engineering;
  • Networks visualization for multi-scale systems;
  • Complex integration of geographical data with intelligent management of networks;
  • Topological analysis of communication networks in order to optimize some specific criteria of efficiency of communication speed or services diffusion;
  • Urban road systems management and visualization tool using 2D or 3D simulations.


September 20, 2011: Submission of full papers
October 01, 2011: Notification of acceptance or rejection
October 20, 2011: Authors provide camera-ready manuscript
November 14-16, 2011: TIE within MESM'2011 at Arab Open University, Amman, Jordan


This workshop is organized under the auspices of the Institute of Complex Systems in Normandy - ISCN

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