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The International Middle Eastern Simulation Multiconference (MESM) is an event organized formally by De Montfort University, now by the Arab Open University, and members of the European Simulation Society. One of the major aims of this conference is to bring people from various parts of the Middle East in contact with colleagues working in modeling & simulation from around the world (e.g. Europe, USA, Canada, Far East etc.). The other aim is to integrate these contacts into a wider Network of Simulation Excellence. This conference, is sponsored by De Montfort University (UK), Ghent University, EUROSIS, ETI as well as IEEE UKRI - SPC.

The conference covers a wide range of simulation subjects in order to capture the general thrust of simulation research at present being done in the Arab World.


After in-depth discussions with Prof. Marwan Al-Akaidi formally with De Montfort University, now with the American University in the Emirates, and some simulationists at the European conferences coming from the Middle East, it was decided in 1999 to start an event in the Middle East, which would be the premiere meeting place for simulation professionals in the area. Unfortunately, due to the political problems and turmoil in the area in the last couple of years, we have had to move the event sometimes out of the area, but we are certain that the event, even in these troubled times will sustain itself and continue as a beacon of simulation perfection for the Arab world.

MESM'2022, June 12-14, 2022, Al-Farahidi University, Baghdad, Iraq


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