As there are so many simulation packages and tools available and there is no particular event that opens them up to the public, we at EUROSIS, felt the need to create an event called SIMEX, with public demonstrations, tutorials and hands-on sessions for the engineering, scientific and managerial communities at large. The tools that will be invited to be exhibited will be from the commercial as well as from the scientific community.

Secondly, as we also aim to bring simulation and modelling more to the attention of policymakers/project leaders within the EU and NATO establishments, this event will be held on a yearly basis in Brussels in cooperation with a number of professional societies and organizations.

The event will therefore function as a shop window of the simulation community with a view to the world at large and future custom. Furthermore, as the event should become a focal point for industry on a yearly basis, this event will only be located in one recurring location, namely Brussels.

The first SIMEX event was held from September 18-20 at TheHotel, Brussels, Belgium.


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