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The EUROMEDIA conference covers the latest developments in web technology, multimedia research and communications technology while also looking at their implementation in mobile computing, broadband networking, distributed computing, telematics, E-technology and real world environments like embedded systems, security systems and training systems. The conference is structured around 5 tracks: WEBTEC-MEDIATEC-COMTEC-APTEC and ETEC. The EUROMEDIA conference is held concurrently with the ECEC and FUBUTEC conferences.


As multimedia and multimedia simulation came to its own at the beginning of the nineties with the emergence of new computing platforms and started to morph and merge with other disciplines such as telecommunications, the idea of setting up a conference covering all of these fields and the inter-relationships between the different computing disciplines came to fruition in a multimedia conference. At first the fields of simulation, communications and media seem to merge the fastest and the name MEDIACOMM was coined. However, who could have known that the Web would take over in such a big way in the following year, so a decision was made to change the name in 1996 into EUROMEDIA, which it has kept ever since. As some aspects, in the field of concurrent engineering, overlapped with some integrated web applications, the further decision was taken to hold both conferences concurrently at the same venue from 2001 onwards to the mutual benefit of the participants of both conferences.

Since 2017 the conference has been superceded with the new SCIFI-IT conference



Selected papers on Advanced and Wireless Communication are published in The Journal Advanced Wireless & Mobile Communications.


"Dear Philippe
I would like to inform you/share with you/thank you for your support – I just won the 2nd place in the 2010 FCSH/UNL Santander prize with the paper from Eurosis/Euromedia 2009 - The Making of an Interactive Digital Narrative-InStory."

Helena Barbas





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