October , 2023, ISAE-SUPAERO, Toulouse, France

Conference Aim

The ESM®'2020 (The 34th annual European Simulation and Modelling Conference), formally known as the European Simulation Multiconference is the original international European conference concerned with state of the art technology in modelling and simulation. ESM®'2020 aims to provide an overview of academic research in the field of computer simulation. A number of major tracks of simulation research are presented next to specific workshops, which capture the art and science of present-day simulation research.

ESM®'2020 covers simulation methodology, simulation applications, specialised workshops, the exhibition and last but not least the poster sessions for students.

The following special tracks/workshops during ESM®'2020 will be organized by LAAS-CNRS.

  • Cross fertilisation between simulation and formal methods
  • Cyber-Physical System Modelling: Applications for Industry 4.0 Optimization and Resilience
  • Virtual prototyping

The conference will be held at LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France.

Selected papers will appear in journals especially tailored to EUROSIS.

You can download the ESM®'2020 Call for Papers here in Text format. NOW LINKED

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ESM® is a European registered trademark of the European Technology Institute under nr: 002433290