Being a "Visual Novel" storyteller with Fungus Unity 3D


The tutorial "Being a 'Visual Novel' storyteller with Fungus Unity 3D" aims to provide the skills needed to design and develop "visual novels" and graphic adventures using the Unity Fungus extension. It is intended for beginners at Unity, interested in Interactive Narratives.

Curriculum Vitae

Liliana Vale Costa is a researcher at Digimedia - Digital Media and Interaction Research Centre and invited lecturer in Editorial Media, at the University of Aveiro. She is a passionate about research, digital painting, games and interaction design. During her PhD in Information and Communication in Digital Platforms and internship at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab, Coventry University, she has been involved jointly with Prof. Ana Veloso, Óscar Mealha, Michael Loizou and Sylvester Arnab in research related with the use of games for health-related wellbeing and active ageing. She is deeply involved into proxemics in phygital spaces, game-based psychotherapy, transmedia storytelling, and digital wellbeing.

Liliana Vale Costa
Universidade de Aveiro


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