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As more and more games technology in combination with simulations are used as training and learning platforms on tablets, pc's, other low end computers and online on the web, the field of serious games has exploded into the professional scene over the last couple of years. We are, of course aware that there is now an myriad of these games about and in the spirit of open software we are focusing on this page on serious games which are either free to use or at least very inexpensive to acquire. We hope this listing will grow organically through your suggestions. If you have game suggestions just send an email to:


Dinosaur Island - Learn about Dinosaurs in their Natural Habitat

The Booze Cruize - A drink and drive game

Ce soir il conduit - A drink and drive game

Heifer Village Nepal - Heifer Village Nepal is a game that teaches players about poverty and hunger,

The Diffusion Simulation Game - In the Diffusion Simulation Game you will be playing the role of a Change Agent in a school. Your objective is to persuade as many of the staff members as possible to adopt a particular innovation.

Osy Osmosis - Osmosis is the diffusion of water through a semi-permeable membrane, like Osy’s cell membrane.

Mission US - Mission US is a multimedia project that immerses players in U.S. history content through free interactive games.

Piracy welcome The piracyMMOWGLI 2012 game is for professionals exploring how to best counter the scourge of international maritime piracy.

American Politics The Game of Politics© American government simulations use role playing to make American politics come alive. These national government classroom and online simulations create an active learning experience, and are appropriate for advanced placement (AP) or higher education government classes, continuing education courses, civic education conferences, community organizations or elder hostel.

Londoner - Londoner is a game/simulation that recreates the experience of being a resident of London, England, during the years sixteen forty-four and sixteen eighty-four.
Players create a character, choose an occupation, and decide upon a residence in the city of London. Then they can get married, have children, change occupations, and make the decisions that would be available to an actual, historical character.
Historical events, and how they relate to living conditions, are displayed for the time period simulated by the game, providing an interactive learning experience for the player.

JCOVE Lite - JCOVE Lite is a freeware game derived from Bohemia Interactive's VBS2 software - itself a derivative of Armed Assault but focused on simulated training for military purposes.

JCOVE Lite was funded by the UK MOD to give the general public, particularly potential recruits, an idea of how the British military trained for combat as well as providing a more realistic combat simulation than your standard shoot'em-up.

Overall it gives serious gamers an immensely modifiable platform to create, share and play their own missions using a huge range of British military equipment - from the humble Sig 229 to the legendary Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank.

Taxodus - Taxodus or Mapping assets offshore is an online tax evasion game

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